Commitment – A Quality Use Of Time

Commitment – Not something people choose easily these days on a long term basis.  But a vision requires commitment in order to see it materialise and come to pass.

To see an vision move from  being just a thought, an idea, a dream, requires commitment. Commitment transcends opposition, challenge, good times, bad times, money, no money, support, no support. Commitment means not being put off by negativity or the word ‘No.’  Commitment is not easily distracted or disconnected.  Commitment keeps focus and stays on track to its vision, its end goal.

Commitment is not easily distracted or disconnected.  Commitment keeps focus and stays on track to its vision, its end goal.

Commitment reflects loyalty, faithfulness, bond, allegiance, attentiveness, dedication  to an activity or a cause. So how are you doing with your vision, your plan? How committed are you?

We all want the end results but how determined are you to do the work and push through the obstacles? To keep to the path that is right for you which is not the same as someone else?

God required commitment from Joshua.  To God first, and then to the people, through his ownership of his responsibilities as laid out by God.

Joshua 1 – The scripture shows that Joshua’s time had come to be the leader he was always meant to be upon the death of Moses.  His time had come, where he was now required to take his place, no longer being the supporter but now being the one who leads the way to bring about the Promise God had given to Moses and leading the Israelite’s into the Promise land.

God was committed to him in a way he makes very clear from vs 3-6, encouraging him to be confident and courageous in anything he needed to do, because no one would be able to stop him from completing his mission. Imagine being told everywhere you put your foot would be yours? But Abba had specific requirements. Joshua had a brief for his life that would set him apart from any other leader around. He was not permitted to have a careless walk or live a carefree and irresponsible life. Joshua had to follow the Law and Statues given to Moses. He had to meditate on the Word, both day and night and the word was not to depart from his lips. He was not permitted to step to the left nor to the right. Was this literally? No, this was about how he lived his life and conducted himself.  He was not to live carelessly, without a thought of where he went and what he did. Joshua’s path/life and direction was to be in line with God’s will at all times. So as much as God was committed to Joshua and promised him prosperity and success, Joshua also had to be committed in his relationship, in that he took responsibility and ownership of the things he had to do in order to attain God’s promise – not just for his life but for those that followed him also  – the Israelite’s.

So, Joshua’s time was not idly wasted. In order to fulfill this commitment he had to use his time effectively. To realise the Promise – To realise the vision of each tribe having its own place of rest – meant total commitment to the task and in order to meet this level of commitment meant Joshua’s time and focus had to be in the word and hearing directly from God.

To realise your dream, your vision, requires commitment.  Without commitment, it cannot happen.  In that commitment, understand that your time is also impacted. If you misuse time or waste time, you will delay your vision or allow your vision to slip out of your hands.

Anyone who has a successful vision and is recognised in life today for it, reflects a dogged commitment to their dream or goal. Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, you name them and you will see, they were all committed on a life time basis to their vision or dream. Scientists, great mathematicians, artists, builders with or without recognition kept to their dreams, day in and day out.  Whenever commitment goes out the door so does your dream ,vision or goal.

Waiting is a trap, in life there will always be reasons to wait. The thing is there are only two things in life, reasons or results, and reasons simply don’t count.

Dr Robert Anthony

Is it time to review your level of commitment to your vision? Or review your use of time?

Be the change you want to see. You are the only one that can fulfill the dream you carry.







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